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DIY Roof Inspection Tips

DIY roof inspection

oof inspections are an important part of home maintenance. They ensure that your roof is in proper working order. You should have your home professionally inspected at least once a year, but you may want to conduct your own roof inspections between then. The DIY roof inspection tips below will help you understand what to …

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Signs Of Slow Roof Leaks

roof leaks

oof leaks are not always gushing waterfalls. Sometimes they are slow trickles that can eventually cause mold, mildew, and water damage in your home. These issues can be costly to repair, and the longer they go on, the more expensive they will become. Avoid a high repair bill by watching for the signs of slow …

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How Roof Repair Contributes To Mold Prevention

mold prevention

Most people invest in roof repair to avoid house flooding, but that is not the only benefit to this necessary home improvement. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list roofing repair as a vital component of mold prevention in a home. This is especially true for homes in high-precipitation and flood-risk areas. To …

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How To De-Ice Your Gutters And Downspouts

Ice in your gutters and downspouts can turn into a major problem in the winter. If ice dams form on the base of your roof, the melting snow will quickly refreeze and add extra weight on your gutters. By keeping your ice levels to a minimum, you can ensure that water drains properly from your …

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Get A Roof Inspection Before April Showers

April showers don’t just bring about May flowers. They also bring about high volumes of water that could leak into your home if your roof is damaged. Rather than waiting for the worst to come, it is best to get a roof inspection before spring hits. Listed below are some of the factors we look …

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How To Prevent Roof Icicles From Forming

Roof Icicles

Roof icicles are some of the most unsuspecting home hazards in the winter time. What may look like a beautiful cascade of frozen water off your roof top is actually a dangerous and potentially fatal set of sharp, dense ice shards. In order to protect yourself and your guests from icicle accidents in the future, …

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Ice Dams: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Ice Dams

Some of the most dangerous and underestimated winter safety issues in America are ice dams. These are essentially large pools of ice that build up on a roofline and eventually come crashing to the ground. Ice dams are destructive, dangerous, and quite costly to repair, but there are some things you can do to avoid …

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5 Ways To Prevent Ice Damage On Your Roof

Ice damage is a fairly common occurrence in Michigan, to the point that most homeowners just expect it to happen at some point in time. If you are worried about ice damage on your roof, there are some things you can do to prevent the ice building and reduce the likelihood of extensive damage. The …

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How To Get Snow Off Your Roof

In order to protect your roof in the winter, you need to make sure to remove the snow that starts to pile up on it. This snow creates a lot of weight and moisture on the top of the roof that can eventually lead to a collapse. Snow covered roofs may also result in mini-avalanches, …

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Top 5 Roof Maintenance Tips For Fall

Fall is an important time for roof maintenance because it protects your home from heavy winter ice and snow. If your roof is damaged and in need of repair, now is the time to get it taken care of. In order to ensure that your roof has the longest lifespan possible, check out these five …

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