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Touring Houses to Buy? Use These Quick Glance Roof Inspection Tips

Roof replacement is a big expense when you’re buying a house. You may not be able to see every roof issue from a quick glance, but you can educate yourself on how to inspect a roof from the ground. The next time you’re touring houses to buy, follow these roof assessment tips from McLean Roofing …

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How Roof Damage Insurance Claims Work

Roof Contractor Looking At Roof

Your homeowner’s insurance should cover some types of roof damage, but it will not cover general wear and tear. The general rule is that roof insurance claims work for sudden events or acts of nature, like a fire or a tree branch falling onto your roof. If you think you may qualify for a roof …

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My Roof Only Leaks Sometimes – Should I Worry?

Rain and Gutter

If your roof leaks every time it rains, that’s an obvious problem. But what about occasional leaks? Should you be worried if your roof only leaks sometimes? Are inconsistent roof leaks normal? Read on to learn how to handle your infrequent roof leaks. Why Your Roof Only Leaks Sometimes There are several reasons why your …

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When Does Roof Decking Need to Be Replaced?

Roof tearoff with blue sky.

“Roof replacement” is a broad term. No two projects are exactly alike. Some roofs need basic shingle replacements, while others require entire rebuilds. In this discussion, we’ll review what roof decking is and how often it needs to be replaced. What Is Roof Decking? Roof decking is the flat layer of plywood or OSB that …

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Will Roofers Work in the Snow?

Roofer on Plywood Roof Shoveling Snow

Roofers work all year long, rain or shine. There are some circumstances that make roofing difficult ot impossible; snow is one of them. In this guide, we’ll review when roofers will and won’t work in the snow to help you plan your upcoming roofing project. Why Roofing in the Snow Is Not Ideal Snow is …

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Do Roofing Companies Finance New Roofs?

Family inside with cardboard roof over their heads.

Inflation and supply chain issues have drastically affected construction costs. The roofing quote you received a year ago may look like a completely different number today. If these price shifts don’t align with your budget, you may want to explore financing options for your new roof. Read on to learn different ways to pay for …

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How to Remove Ice Dams Safely

Closeup View of Ice Dam on House

Ice dams are hazardous. They can wear down your roofing and gutters, and they cause significant damage when they fall. The best way to avoid accidents and injuries is to remove ice dams and take preventative precautions. Follow these safety tips for ice dam removal. What Causes Ice Dams to Form? Ice dams form when …

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Can You Paint Roof Shingles?

Closeup of Different Colors of Roof Shingles

If you don’t like your wall color, you paint over it. If you don’t like your mailbox color, you paint over it. So if you don’t like your roof color, can you just…paint over it? The simple answer is yes, you can. That doesn’t mean you should though. Read the pros and cons below before …

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How to Weatherproof Your Home for Winter

Ladder View of Roof Due For Inspection

Michigan winters are brutal. For about three months in the year, the average high temperatures are in the mid-thirties. You can minimize your energy bills by weatherproofing ahead of time. Check out these weatherproofing tips for winter, courtesy of McLean Roofing and Siding. Caulk the Windows and Doorways Caulk is a cheap and easy to …

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Does Extreme Heat Hurt Roofing?

Strong Sun Over Roofs

Does Extreme Heat Hurt Roofing? This summer has been brutal throughout the country. The extreme heat started far earlier than normal, and temperatures aren’t dropping any time soon. This may have you wondering – does extreme heat hurt roofing? Let’s take a look at how this heat wave may impact your home. How Extreme Heat …

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