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How Roof Repair Contributes To Mold Prevention

Most people invest in roof repair to avoid house flooding, but that is not the only benefit to this necessary home improvement. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list roofing repair as a vital component of mold prevention in a home. This is especially true for homes in high-precipitation and flood-risk areas. To understand the true value of residential roofing repair, read on to learn how roof repair contributes to mold prevention.

How Household Mold Forms

How does mold get into a house? Moisture. In one way or another, moisture builds up in your home and feeds the mold spores that enter through air vents, windows, doorways, etc. That is why bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are some of the most vulnerable rooms in a house for mold development, because those are the rooms with the highest humidity levels. By controlling the amount of moisture in your house, you can drastically reduce your chances of fighting mold in the future.

What Roof Repair Does For Moisture Control

Roof repair helps control the moisture in your home by creating a barrier between your house’s interior and exterior. Small cracks, leaks, holes, and weak spots in your roofing act as portals for rain and humidity, particularly in the spring when rain storms are rampant across the country. If your roof is completely sealed off, it will protect your home from all forms of precipitation. No matter how old or new your home may be, you can benefit from a roof inspection from McLean Roofing And Siding.

Other Proven Mold Prevention Tips

In addition to shingle repair and old roof replacement, these mold prevention tips will cut down your risk of mold spores in your home:

  • Reseal Your Windows, Doors, And Trim Every Year
  • Maintain Proper Ventilation In Your Home, Especially In Rooms With High Moisture Levels
  • Open Your Windows To Air Out Your Home As Much As Possible
  • Thoroughly Clean And Dry Your Home After An Accidental Flood
  • Get A Mold Inspection If You Have Difficulty Breathing In Your Home – Mold Spores Aren’t Always Visible!
  • Remove Mold At The First Sign Of Growth To Minimize Your Damages
  • Check For Leaky Pipes And Plumbing To Stop Mold From Growing In Your Walls
  • Invest In Breathable Flooring – Many Flooring Products Trap Moisture In From The Ground, Resulting In Mold Spores

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