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How To De-Ice Your Gutters And Downspouts

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Ice in your gutters and downspouts can turn into a major problem in the winter. If ice dams form on the base of your roof, the melting snow will quickly refreeze and add extra weight on your gutters. By keeping your ice levels to a minimum, you can ensure that water drains properly from your home. Here is a brief guide explaining how to de-ice your gutters and downspouts so you can keep the water flowing smoothly.

Before You Start, Clear The Snow

If you have snow on your roof or in your gutters, clear that off first with a roof rake. This will allow you to get right to the ice without melting the snow at the same time. You can purchase a roof rake or make one of your own, depending on how steep your roof is and how handy you are with basic tools. If you cannot clear the snow on your roof, you might have to spend extra time de-icing your guttering.

De-Icing Methods To Try

There are several ways to go about de-icing gutters. Try one of these or a combination of the following options:

  • Put de-icer pellets or salt in a nylon sock. Tie the open end and set the sock on top of the ice.
  • Use an ice pick to carefully chip out large chunks of ice.
  • If you have a heated water hose, you could run hot water over the ice to melt it.
  • Place dark towels, shirts, and other materials over the ice when the sun comes out to absorb as much of the rays as possible.
  • Hire professional roofers to clear the ice for you.

The last option might seem a little biased on our end, but the fact is that ice dam removal can be dangerous, especially if you have severe ice buildup. Don’t be afraid to call in the professionals to ensure your safety around your guttering.

How To Minimize Ice Buildup On Your Gutters

To keep ice off your gutters in the winter months, clear off your roof snow as much as possible. Make sure your roof is level before the weather gets too cold so the water will drain properly. Once you notice ice starting to form, use one of the methods above to get rid of the problem before it gets out of hand. Then you can benefit from a safe set of gutters all year long.