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Protect Against Winter Roof Damage | Roof Repair Michigan

The winter is a tough time for roofing. Your roof has to keep cold air out and warm air in while holding the weight of snow and ice. This is particularly true in Michigan where heavy snowfall is almost a daily occurrence. To protect against winter roof damage, follow these helpful tips from our Michigan roofing company.

Maintain Proper Attic Insulation

Your roof can withstand extreme heat or extreme cold, but it does not do well with temperature fluctuations. If warm air from inside your home is penetrating the roof, the snow on top of it will melt. Then the cold exterior temperatures will re-freeze the water, creating sheets of hard ice instead of soft snow. Make sure your attic is well insulated for the winter to prevent temperatures from going up and down.

Keep Snow Off Your Roof

Snow is a major culprit in winter roof damage for two reasons: 1) the weight of the snow puts excess pressure on the roof materials and 2) melting snow creates ice dams, which could damage your shingles. You can get a high-quality roof rake to pull snow off your roofing. This is especially important during weeks where the temperatures remain consistently below freezing. If the snow does not have a chance to melt and evaporate, it will continue to press down on the roof.

Clean Your Gutters

You should clean your gutters at least twice a year – once right before fall and once right after fall. This creates a clear path for water to run off your roof and away from your home. In the winter, clogged gutters can force melting snow to stay on the roof, which will create an ice dam. The ice dam will continue to get bigger if the melting snow has no where to go. Clear out the gutters so the water can flow accordingly.

Trim Overhanging Tree Branches

Cut off any tree branches that hang over your roofing. These branches will direct extra water onto the roof that would otherwise fall to the ground. The branches themselves may also break under the weight of snow and ice. If they fall on your roof, you will have a lot more damage to repair. Eliminate the cause of the problem before it actually becomes a problem, and you will save yourself a ton of work in the long run.

Check For Roof Damage Before Winter Snow

Now is the perfect time to get a roof inspection. If there is any pre-existing damage on your roof, you can get it repaired before winter wreaks havoc on your home. McLean Roofing And Siding provides professional roofing inspections for homes and businesses in southeast Michigan. Give us a call at (248) 524-1111 to schedule an appointment, and we will make sure your roof is ready to go for winter.