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5 Times You NEED A Roof Inspection In Michigan

You can get a roof inspection at any point in your homeownership, but some situations make this a requirement. Choosing not to do so at these times could cost you thousands of dollars down the line. Before you spend more money than you have to on home repairs, check out these 5 times when you need a roof inspection in Michigan.

1 – After A Severe Storm

Your roof is designed to protect your property during a storm. After a heavy beating though, it may start to lose its structural integrity – putting you at risk of pricey damage in the future. Here in Michigan, we often experience extreme winter storms and heavy spring showers, in addition to the occasional hail storm or high winds. No matter what the situation may be, it’s important to have your roof looked at after the weather has settled down. Complete any repairs necessary as soon as possible so your home is protected for the next storm.

2 – Before You Buy Property

Never buy a house without a roof inspection. Roof replacement is expensive no matter where you live, and it is something that can easily eat away at your renovation budget. If you get a professional roof inspection before you close on the home, you may be able to negotiate repairs or a full roof replacement into your contract. If not, you can choose to step away from the deal and move on to a better investment.

3 – When You Discover A Roof Leak

If you notice signs of a leaking roof (cracks along the ceiling, water spots, dripping after rain, etc.), you need to get your roof inspected. The longer you wait to repair your roof, the more damage you run the risk of creating. For instance, the rain that drips into your home can soak into the wood beams and the drywall. This can lead to mold, which is difficult and expensive to remove. Get the leak fixed right away, and you won’t have to worry about the aftermath.

4 – When Your Energy Bills Are Unexplainably High

If you feel like you’re spending far too much money on energy bills, consider getting a roof inspection. If your roofing is not properly secured and insulating, it could be letting out a lot of temperature-controlled air in your home. The same can be said about the insulation in your attic or the seams around your windows. Consider all of these factors so you can find out where your money is going.

5 – Before You Sell Your Home Or Business

It’s just as important to get a roof inspection before selling a home as it is to get one before buying one. You need to be aware of the current status of your roof and any repairs the new owners may try to charge you for. If there are damages that need to be corrected, fix those before someone comes around to notice them. This will make your house worth more and it will make it sell faster. You’ll earn more money in the long run just by getting a roof inspection.