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Spring Energy Saving Tips For Troy MI

Want to avoid high energy bills in the spring and summer? By investing in the right home repairs early on, you may be able to bypass the big bills and enjoy a season of cozy temperatures in your home. Weather patterns are different throughout the country, which will have an impact on your energy needs. Check out these spring energy savings tips for Troy, MI so you can lower your bills this year.

Get A Roof Inspection

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against storms, but it also acts as a crucial component of the insulation. If you have damaged shingles or any other roof repair needs, get your roof fixed before the storms hit you hard. The first step in doing this is to get a roof inspection, which will allow a professional to evaluate your roof and make note of any repairs you need. Once you get those taken care of, you should see a big drop in your energy bills.

Open Your Windows On Nice Days

Take advantage of the mild weather in the spring by opening your windows on nice days. Most areas of Troy, MI are plenty safe to do this in, but if you are worried about potential break-ins, you can choose to only open windows on the second story of your home. Keep the interior doors open to create a cross breeze through your house, and soak in the fresh air. Just make sure your heater and air conditioner are turned off before you do this.

Replace Or Reseal Your Windows

If you have old, single-paned windows, it may be time to upgrade. Even though this is a hefty expense upfront, the windows will pay for themselves in energy savings. If you have good quality windows that still seem to leak air, you may just need to have them resealed around the edges. If your home shifts and contracts a lot during weather changes, it may cause the seals to break or crack over time. Some simple caulk will correct that.

Let In Natural Sunlight

Why spend money on lightbulbs when you can light up your home with the sun? Spring months in Troy have long daylight hours, allowing you to keep your home lit until it’s time to settle down for the night. If you have limited windows in your home, install mirrors to direct natural light throughout the space. You will soon learn to love the look of the sun and the low energy bill that comes in the mail.