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Snow Removal And Ice Dams From Roofs

Hey Folks,

The end of February is finally coming to a close and the snow is still on your roofs. Please take heed from our years of roofing experience and get the snow OFF your roof BEFORE it has a chance to melt. As mentioned at the top of our home page, ice dams can form causing water to back up and seep into your home which can be just as bad as having a hole in your roof during a rainstorm.

Besides the infiltrating water, the damage to your roof and secondary damage to your home’s structure can cost you thousands. All of this because you didn’t get the snow and ice removed from your roof before the spring weather hits. So again ladies and gentlemen, call me, James Broecker, at (248) 524-1111 and I will help you take care of this small roof maintenance and you can avoid the ice dam problem so many Michigan residents are facing right now.