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Picking The Perfect Gutter Colors: Residential Guttering In Michigan

One of the biggest benefits of getting new gutters is the fact that you can change the color of your existing guttering. Whether you want to improve your curb appeal or accentuate a new feature on your home’s exterior, your gutter coloring can transform your property in ways you would never expect. Our residential guttering company in Metro Detroit, Michigan offers a wide range of colors to suit your needs. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect color for your replacement gutters.

If You Want Your Gutters To Blend In…

Most homeowners want their gutters to blend in with their home’s exterior. This will draw more emphasis to other features on the home, like shutters, landscaping, stonework, and more. If you want your gutters to blend in, you can choose a color that closely resembles your roof shingles or the existing trim on your home. In either scenario, the guttering will be camouflaged on the home’s exterior just the way you want it to be.

If You Want Your Gutters To Stand Out…

While less common, there are some situations when having noticeable gutters can create depth and dimension on a home’s façade. For instance, if most of the colors on your home’s exterior are neutral, you could use a pop of color on your gutters to make your home a little more unique. You can still get elegant, beautiful looking colors if you choose an eye-popping color, and your gutters will be backed by McLean Roofing And Siding’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take a risk with your gutter color selection, and you could be the talk of the neighborhood.

Dark Colors Vs. Light Colors

When selecting a color for new guttering, it’s important to think about long-term maintenance. Darker colors have a tendency to fade over time if they are in areas of direct sun exposure. This isn’t as much of an issue here in Metro Detroit as it would be in the south, but it is still something to keep in mind. Also, if your gutters frequently fill up with debris from overhanging trees, you may want to select a color that closely matches the foliage. This will make the debris less noticeable between gutter cleanings.

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