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Brick vs. Metal Siding

How To Choose Brick Or Metal Siding

What type of siding should I get for my home? We hear this question all the time. While there are a lot of siding materials to choose from, the most common two are brick and metal siding (or aluminum siding). Both of these options come with their benefits and drawbacks, so you have to fully assess your choices before picking one over the other. The tips below should help you do just that. Let’s take a look at brick vs. metal siding so you can determine which one is right for you.

Installation Cost

Brick siding will cost more than metal siding because it takes longer to put up and requires a higher level of skill to install. Bricks are also more expensive than sheets of metal because of the amount of bricks needed to cover the side of a home. This is the only real downside to bricks, but it is something to consider if you are on a tight budget. If you have a little leeway though, some of the other comparisons below may have a bigger influence on your decision than price.

Performance And Durability

Both brick and aluminum siding are made to withstand anything Mother Nature may throw their way. With that in mind, bricks tend to do better with long-term abuse because of how dense they are. Over time, metal siding may dent and sag in certain spots because of the wear and tear nature puts on it. Then you will need to repair or replace your siding entirely.

Aesthetic Appeal

What you like on your home is entirely up to you, but most people prefer the look of brick. That is because bricks come in a wide range of color patterns, and their texture adds depth and dimension to a home. You could go as far as adding both metal siding and brick siding to your home, depending on what you want it to look like. With the right siding installers, you should get great results either way.

General Maintenance

Bricks and metal siding are both pretty easy to keep clean. Dark colored bricks have a tendency to hide dirt a little better than metal siding because of their color patterns and textured finishes. Both options can be cleaned with a simple power wash, and you may only need to do that once or twice a year.


Bricks are more expensive to install, but they last longer and are often more visually appealing than metal siding. Keep that in mind when you start making decisions for your home’s façade.