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Will Roofers Work in the Rain?

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Metro Detroit has an average of 9-12 rainy days every month of the year. This means that about a third of the year has rainfall, in addition to the snowy days and other climate events around here. If you’re worried about how that might impact your roof repair or roof replacement, don’t be. We’re here to explain how roofers work in the rain.

Roofers Can Work in the Rain for Most Roof Repairs and Replacements

Will roofers work in the rain? Yes, but that is not an option for all circumstances. For example, if roofers are repairing or replacing a flat roof, working in the rain may not be an option. If the rain is accompanied by strong winds, working in it could become a safety concern.

At McLean Roofing and Siding, we know the perfect balance between safe work environments and efficient roofing services. Our licensed Michigan roofers work in the rain and in the peak heat of the summer, all while maintaining strict safety protocols. We’ll plan your roof repair or replacement around your busy schedule and Mother Nature.

Working in the Rain Could Be Beneficial

One big perk about roofing in the rain is that we can detect leaks right away. On a dry day, it may be hard to test for leaks or replicate the effects of wind-driven rain. If we’re working in the rain, we can make accurate repairs to protect your roof long-term.

How Roofers Work in the Rain

Safety is always a top priority, whether it’s pouring down rain or beaming sunlight on a hot roof. If the weather is simply too unstable for our roofers to safely perform their job duties, we may create a temporary plan followed by a permanent solution. For example, we may tarp off areas of the roof that are currently exposed and then complete the roofing when the weather permits.

Our roofers typically work in sections, which means we won’t leave a large area of your roof exposed during the rain. Instead, we will complete tasks in a strategic order that gets the job done without leaving the roof vulnerable to damage. We also use proper safety equipment to ensure our workers can walk around, transport materials, and use tools in the rain without putting themselves or your property at risk.

McLean Roofing and Siding Schedules with Rain in Mind

Our family-owned roofing company has been in business over 45 years. Over time, we’ve learned how to adjust our schedules to accommodate the weather and our clients. We keep an eye on weather developments and factor them into our project commitments. If the weather takes an unexpected turn, we communicate with our clients to keep them informed of the changes.

Since it isn’t always possible to predict the weather in Metro Detroit, we recommend planning for a bit of flexibility when it comes to scheduling. We’ll do everything we can to maintain the timeline, as long as it does not put your home or our roofers at risk. As always, we’ll provide transparent communication so you know exactly what’s happening with your roof at all times.

For more information about how we roof in the rain, contact McLean Roofing and Siding at (248) 524-1111.