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Will a New Roof Increase My Home Value?

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Will a New Roof Increase My Home Value?

If you’re debating whether to upgrade your roof, home value may be a deciding factor. Will having a new roof increase your home value? Is it worth the investment now, or should I wait until the end of the roof’s lifespan? Let’s explore how your roof impacts your home value.

Appraised Value vs. Perceived Value

It’s important to distinguish between the appraisal value of your home and the perceived value from potential buyers. From an appraiser’s perspective, having a sound roof is an expectation, not a perk. Thus, a new roof won’t necessarily increase the appraised value of your home.

However, the perceived value from the public increases when they know they do not have to factor roof replacement into their immediate home maintenance. Having a new roof or at least a well-installed roof will make your home more appealing to buyers when you go to sell. The more your home appeals, the more likely you are to receive multiple offers and achieve your desired asking price.

The Type of Roof You Have May Boost Home Value

Some styles of shingles hold more value than others. For example, a home with slate shingles may be deemed more valuable than a home with asphalt shingles. A house with premium high-impact shingles may be more valuable than a house with basic shingles.

Keep in mind that value is ultimately a matter of opinion, even if it’s from an appraiser. The basic definition of an appraisal is an “unbiased professional opinion of value.” One person may assign more or less value to a roof feature than someone else.

Installation Quality Makes All the Difference

Having a good roof doesn’t mean much if it’s not installed properly. Every component of the roofing system plays a role in the long-term stability of your roof. If you’re going to get a new roof, make sure you work with a licensed and experienced roofing company in your area. You need local roofers who understand the unique needs of your area and are accessible if issues arise. That is the only way to maximize your potential value from a new roof; it needs to be installed well.

When Is the Right Time to Get a New Roof?

We recommend replacing your roof before the end of its lifespan. Once an issue happens with your roof, the damage builds up quickly. If you can replace the roof shortly before that happens, you don’t have to worry about further expenses. This will save you money in the long run.

McLean Roofing and Siding is a well-established roofing company in Southeast Michigan. We would be happy to evaluate the state of your roof and recommend the best time for replacement. If your roof has years of life left in it, we’ll let you know! If we think it’s ready for replacement, we can provide a transparent price quote for a new roof. Call (248) 524-1111 to schedule your roof assessment.