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Why Black Roofs Are Trending in 2023

Why Black Roofs Are Trending in 2023

Over the last year, we’ve seen a big uptick in black roofs. Many homeowners are upgrading to high-impact roofs in black because they love the way black looks against their siding. Let’s take a closer look at why black roofs are trending in 2023 and why they’re here to stay.

Black Complements Most Siding Colors

Black looks good with almost every siding color. It doesn’t matter if you have brick siding, vinyl siding, wood siding, or any other material. There is a good chance that black fits with your existing color scheme. This is why we see black roofs in neighborhoods from different eras and styles. They look great in just about any setting.

Many Houses Already Have Black Accents

You may already have black accents on your property that naturally look great with a black roof. Your window trim, house numbers, mulch, door hardware, or light fixtures may be in black. Having a black roof will make those accents more prominent, creating a cohesive look for your exterior. This is great for curb appeal.

Black Roofs Look Great Against Painted Bricks

Flippers and homeowners alike are opting to paint their brick siding for a fresh, modern look. You can’t drive through a neighborhood without seeing at least one white brick house with wood accents and a black roof.

Black roofs look great with painted bricks because of the high contrast. As long as painted bricks are in style, black roofs will remain popular.

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High-Contrast Design Creates Visual Appeal

If you have light-colored siding and trim, black is the perfect contrast. It looks sharp against the softer colors and highlights your home’s unique architectural details. If your house feels “boring” or “flat,” it may be due to a lack of contrast. Changing the trim, gutters, or roof color could drastically transform the appearance of your home.

Black Is a Timeless Neutral Color

Black has been a powerful accent color through generations of design trends. That’s not going to change any time soon. The versatility and high contrast of black will keep it in style for decades to come.

Roofing manufacturers continue to improve their formulas to make rich black shingles that resist sun fading. If you were disappointed with your roofing choices 20 years ago, you’d be amazed at the selection now! McLean Roofing and Siding uses premium materials from top manufacturers, and we offer a wide variety of roofing colors. You can visit our showroom to see roof samples in person and decide if a black roof is right for your home.

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