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Touring Houses to Buy? Use These Quick Glance Roof Inspection Tips

Touring Houses to Buy? Use These Quick Glance Roof Inspection Tips

Roof replacement is a big expense when you’re buying a house. You may not be able to see every roof issue from a quick glance, but you can educate yourself on how to inspect a roof from the ground. The next time you’re touring houses to buy, follow these roof assessment tips from McLean Roofing and Siding.

Walk to the Edge of the Property to See as Much as Possible

If you try to look at the roof when you’re right underneath it, you won’t see much. You can usually get a better view by walking to the edge of the property. Do this from all sides to get a view of the roof. You won’t be able to see everything, but you can conduct a quick visual inspection using this method.

Look for Missing Shingles or Discolored Sections of Roofing

Your roofing should look uniform. If you see missing shingles or discolored sections of roofing, that may be a sign of damage. It’s possible that the roof was damaged in the past and patched in a certain area. It’s also possible that the discoloration is from longstanding water damage or targeted wear.

Curled shingle edges are also a sign that the roof is toward the end of its lifespan. It may not need a replacement right away, but you may need it in the near future. Consider that when you put an offer on a house because it may add to your expenses early on.

Check for Streaks on the Roof

Streak lines on a roof could highlight a channel of water that forms when it rains. This is common for roofs with chimneys because the rain runs around the chimney. These streaks could also indicate that the shingles are starting to deteriorate. Many styles of shingles have sand-like granules along the surface. When they reach the end of their life, those granules fall away. Plan to get that looked at before closing on the house.

Review the Property Condition Disclosures for Past Roof Repair or Replacement

If you’re working with a real estate agent, they may have access to the property conditions disclosures. This is a special form that the seller fills out describing the current function of the roofing, gutters, fireplace, HVAC, water heater, etc. If the roof has been repaired or replaced during the seller’s ownership, they should indicate that on the PCD. A new roof may give you peace of mind, while a roof from a decade or more may need to be replaced in the near future.

Look for Water Marks in the Attic or on the Ceiling

You can do a roof leak inspection from inside the home. Look over the ceiling in the attic and other parts of the house to check for signs of water damage. If you see rust-colored spots, discoloration, or mold, that could be a sign of a roof leak.

Plan to Get a Professional Roof Inspection

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not a professional roofer. Thus, you may not know exactly what to look for before you close on a house. Protect your future investment by getting a roof inspection. Your home inspector can do some preliminary services, but a roofer can look over the roof in detail. The small amount of money you spend on an inspection upfront could save you thousands in future repairs.

Whether you need a roof inspection, roof replacement, or new roof installation, McLean Roofing and Siding is here to help. Reach out to schedule a quote and learn more about our roofing services.