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Common Storm Damage Repairs In Michigan

Storm damage is hard to avoid, no matter where you live in the United States. California has earthquakes, Texas has tornadoes, Louisiana has hurricanes, and so on. Here in Michigan, we encounter a wide range of storms throughout the year, especially during the spring and winter months. Let’s take a look at some common storm damage repairs in Michigan so you know what to prepare for.

Damaged Roofing

Roofing undergoes a significant amount of wear and tear from the sun’s rays alone, not to mention wind, hail, snow, ice, and everything else it has to encounter. One of the most important steps any homeowner can take after a major storm is to get a roof inspection. If you fix roof damage before it gets too bad, you can save yourself a ton of money in home repairs. The longer you let the damage sit, the closer you’ll be to needing a complete roof replacement, rather than just a patch. Be proactive and request a roofing inspection after a storm in Michigan hits you.

Damaged Siding

The siding on your home may also take a blow during a major storm. This partly depends on the type of siding you have on the building. If you have strong bricks, you may not notice any damage at all after a storm. For vinyl and aluminum siding though, there may be dents or fallen sheets of siding that need to be re-secured. As long as you take care of the siding repairs before the next storm comes in, your home will stay well-protected.

Clogged Gutters

Having clean gutters is a simple and easy way to prevent storm damage on your home. If your gutters get clogged, they will have no way to direct water from your roof and away from your house. There are a slew of potential threats that can result from this, from damaged roofing to extra water pressure on your foundation. Practice regular gutter cleaning and you should not have to worry about your home when Michigan’s April showers roll in.

Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks do not come about all at once. It takes years of shifting from below the surface to cause a home’s foundation to crack or become unlevel. Storms play a role in this because they determine how much water is in the ground around the foundation. If the pressure from the expanded soil or the water itself becomes too great, the foundation may crack or shift, hurting the home’s structural integrity. At that point, you have to seek out a foundation repair company in Michigan to complete an inspection and suggest the repairs you will have to undergo.