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As Roofs Are The Most Important Part Of Our Home’s Weatherproofing, a Leaking Roof Can Cause Incalculable Damage In A Relatively Short Period Of Time.

Until your local government expands the role of a garbage man to include roof repair, you’re going to have to keep your roof attractive and strong on your own – and this means hiring a roofing contractor. For some people, this sounds like quite the chore – if you’ve never had a pleasant experience with a contractor before, you’re used to the usual complaints of late work, projects going over budget, and plenty of excuses.
Many homeowners put off roof replacement because they are worried that it will take a long time. It can be difficult to envision roofing replacement as something other than inconvenient and messy. However, if you are in the market for a new roof or are seeing signs that roof replacement may be in your future, it is important to know the actual procedure used by roofing contractors.

  • The first step in roof replacement is to remove all of the existing shingles.
  • Once these have been removed, the roofer will then often replace rotten or otherwise bad sheets of plywood.
  • Once this plywood has been replaced, the roofing replacement team will next add ice dam protection, which prevents a block off of ice from forming and rotting the wood beneath the shingles. Although this may be more necessary in some climates than others, it is standard to install this on all new roofs.
  • Next, the roofer will lay down asphalt paper.
  • After this, the roofing replacement team will install the desired type of shingles. Homeowners can choose from many different kinds of shingles, including cement, asphalt, and cedar.
  • After the shingles have been installed, flashing is placed around areas where leaks are more likely to occur, like the chimney or vents. Flashing works as a guard against moisture penetration.
  • Finally, the ridge vent should be installed. A ridge vent is at the top of a peaked roof and allows warm air to escape from the attic.

After the above steps have been completed, the roof should be fully functional. Typically, residential roofs last around 20 years. After that time, homeowners need to consider roof replacement and factor this large expense into their budget. However, the right contractor and materials can save homeowners a lot of hassle and repair needs.

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