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Roofing Contractor in Metro Detroit

Roofing Contractor in Metro Detroit

Roofing Contractor in Metro Detroit

Are you worried about the structural integrity of your roof? Would you like a professional’s opinion to determine if you need a roof repair or roof replacement? McLean Roofing and Siding is an honest and reliable roofing company with an outstanding reputation. If your roof is at the end of its lifespan, we’ll let you know. If it still has a few years left, we’ll let you know that, too! Our goal is to help you make an informed decision to protect your home.

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Local Metro Detroit Roofing Contractors with Years of Specialized Experience

Our local roofing contractors know the unique features that come with Metro Detroit roofs. We are familiar with popular materials, roof styles, pitch patterns, and more. This expertise allows us to advise you in the best way possible. Whether you want a roof assessment for your forever home or you want an inspection for a house you’re buying, our roofing contractors are here to help. Reach out to (248) 524-1111 to learn more.

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From Roof Repair to New Roof Installation, Our Roofing Contractors Do It All!

A well-installed roof has the potential to last 25 or even 50 years, depending on the material it’s made from. McLean Roofing and Siding is here to ensure that your roof remains stable and structurally sound for years to come. We offer comprehensive roof installation, replacement, and repair services throughout Metro Detroit. Our services include the following:

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