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3 Ways To Refresh An Old Roof: Roof Repair In Michigan

Does your roof look old, worn, and dated? That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to get a new roof. As long as your roofing is still structurally sound, you don’t have to replace it. Instead, you could work on enhancing the roof you already have until you need a new one. Here are three easy ways to refresh an old roof in Michigan.

Get Your Roof Professionally Cleaned

Your roof takes more abuse than any other part of your home. Rain, snow, leaves, and wind-blown dirt can all take their toll on your roofing. Roof cleaning requires special tools, equipment, and expertise, so it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. They will wash down your roofing without damaging your shingles, and the end result will be stunning roof that looks like new.

NOTE: Power washing is NOT a good way to clean a roof. Even at the lowest setting, a power washer is far too aggressive for shingles. You will do more harm than good if you try to clean your roof this way.

Check Your Attic Ventilation

Your attic influences the appearance of your roofing. If the attic is not ventilated properly, moisture and heat may cause issues on your roofing. For instance, you may get a layer of mold on the shingles if the moisture in your home has nowhere to escape. This can all be corrected with the appropriate insulation and ventilation.

In Michigan, ice dams are a common sign of attic ventilation issues. These blocks of ice can weigh down your roofing and cause it to wear down before its time. Keep an eye on your roofing this coming winter, and get it inspected if ice dams are persistent.

Repair Damaged Areas

If one section of your roofing is damaged, you can get it fixed without replacing the entire roof. This is a great way to extend the lifetime of your roofing and to keep your home looking its best. Ideally, you should check for damage after major storms and after the winter snow melts. You may also look for signs of roofing damage inside your home, such as water marks on your ceiling.

If you need roof repairs in Michigan, contact McLean Roofing And Siding for a free quote. We will assess your home and determine exactly what needs to be done. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!