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Preparing Your Home For Roof Replacement: MI Roof Installers

our Michigan roofing company will do most of the prep work before installing your new roof, but there are some things you can do to speed up the process. It’s a good idea to prepare your home before any kind of workers come in, whether they’re painting the walls, fixing the foundation, replacing the plumbing, or doing anything else along those lines. Here are some tips for preparing your home for roof replacement.

Move Anything Blocking Access To The Roof

If possible, move anything outside your home that may block access to the roof. This includes outdoor furniture, play equipment, planters, and other items that could get in the way. Having a clear path for the roof installers to take will help them get through the job faster, which will save you time and reduce your labor costs. You can ask your roofers about this during your consultation to see which items will need to be moved ahead of time.

Create A Space For Waste Disposal

Your roofers will need a place to throw your old roofing materials as they work. This may be a trailer, a dumpster, or some other large container. Your roof installers will most likely provide this for you, but you still need somewhere for them to put it. The driveway is usually the ideal location, but they may need to set the container somewhere in your yard. Ask your roofing company about this so you can clear a place for the dumpster or trailer to go.

Clear The Attic, If Necessary

Your roofing company may need to get into your attic during your roof replacement. They do this to check for old leaks, install insulation, inspect the new roofing and more. If your roofers need access to your attic, it would be best to have the path already cleared for them. This will save you from having to haul stuff out of the attic while the workers are still on the clock.

Secure Fragile Items

The vibrations from construction may put your fragile items at risk, especially if they are attached to the walls. You may want to pull pictures, mirrors and antiques away from the walls while the roof installers are working. You can set these items on a bed or couch where the cushions will absorb the vibrations. We have never had an issue with property breaking during a roof installation, but it cannot hurt to take precaution.

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