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Why Are Some Homes More Fire Resistant Than Others?

Have you ever seen pictures on the news where one house is burned to the ground, while the house next door is still standing perfectly upright? Most people assume that is because a fire started in one home and did not spread to another, but that is not always the case. In some instances, one home is simply built to be resistant to fires, while the other is left to burn to the ground.

What makes some homes more susceptible to fire damage than others, and what can you do to protect your home in the future? With the right building materials, you could protect your home and its contents from fire damage. Here are a few solutions that may help you do just that.

Wooden Frames vs. Steel Frames

Most people think of wood when it comes to the frame of a house, but a lot of modern day homebuilders will actually use steel to frame a house because it is less susceptible to fire damage. Metal is also less likely to warp in varying weather conditions, and it will not rust if it is treated properly. If you are building a new addition to your home or a new home in general, you may think about using metal to frame it instead of wood. At the end of the day, it could do wonders for protecting you in a fire.

Metal Siding vs. Other Materials

Metal siding and roofing are also positive additions to your home. These will coat the exterior of your home and protect it from any wildfires that may be coming your way. If you live in the south and want to protect your home during the summer, metal roofing and siding may be ideal for you. Metal siding can protect against heavy precipitation, heat, wind, low temperatures, and much more, so it’s worth exploring as an option if you decide to get new siding for your home.

Knowledge vs. Ignorance

Making your home out of the right materials will help you reduce the risk of fire damage, but there is never a guarantee that a fire won’t happen in your area. It is important to stay knowledgeable about what is going on in the news, and watch for any burn bans in your local area. The last thing you want to do is have an outdoor barbecue in the middle of a dry season. If you stay alert and do whatever you can to protect your home, there is no reason for your house to be the one demolished on the news. Make sure you have insurance though, just in case.