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How To Make Your Home Stand Out In The Neighborhood

Do you want to have the best looking home in the neighborhood? Of course you do! We all want to have that one house that makes people turn around and snap a picture with their phones. That might not be easy to achieve in a busy part of town though. The tips below will show you how to make your home stand out in the neighborhood so you can get the attention you deserve.

Use A Unique Color On The Outside

We’re not saying that you need to have a bright orange house with neon green trim. All we’re suggesting is that you paint your home a slightly different color than what you may see in the rest of the neighborhood. For instance, if most of the homes around you are beige with red bright, you might consider using grey vinyl siding and multi-colored stones on your home. You can still get a sleek, neutral look without having to be like everyone else.

Add A Focal Feature To Your Home Or Yard

This could be anything from a beautiful weeping willow tree to a jaw-dropping chimney. If you have a two story house with a large front fascia, you might add a decorative item on the outside to break up the flat surface. A lot of homeowners in Texas add stars to the outside of their homes because Texas is the Lone Star State. You need to find something that represents yourself and your community.

Go Crazy With The Doors

Your front door and garage doors are empty canvases waiting to be filled. You could choose to paint them a bold, rich color that still works well with your home’s design. Black can actually be a great accent color for homes as long as it is used sparingly. Think outside the box and make your doors something to take notice of.

Get A Funky Mailbox

This is a little more subtle than the other options, and it certainly isn’t ideal for areas where cars regularly run into mailboxes. Nevertheless, it could be a great way for you to express your interests in a fun setting. You could get a mailbox shaped like a barn, a boat, a telephone booth, or even a big mouth bass if you want. The first chuckle you get from your next door neighbor will make it all worthwhile.