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How Guttering Protects Your Foundation

When most people think about getting new gutters, they choose to do so for aesthetic reasons. The gutters they have are hanging too low and they want new ones to clean up their home’s exterior. While that is a key benefit to seamless gutters and downspouts, the fact is that good guttering can actually help protect your home’s foundation. Let’s take a look at the role gutters play in foundation repairs.

The Impact Of Water Drainage On Home Foundations

Proper water drainage is one of the most critical components of home maintenance. If the water from your roofing and landscaping does not drain properly, it can pool up around your home’s foundation. This can lead to several problems:

  • The soil near the edge of the building will swell up, creating pressure around the basement
  • The water itself seeps into the concrete, causing it to erode, weaken, and crack
  • The water and soil together shift underneath the foundation, reducing the structural integrity of the home

Regardless of how this plays out, the fact is that improper water drainage can do major damage to your home. Your gutters and downspouts should be directed away from absorbent soil near your home’s foundation to minimize the pressure on your basement. This simple step can save you thousands of dollars in foundation repairs later on.

Clean Gutters Matter

Having clean gutters and downspouts is another important step in protecting your foundation. If your gutters are not clean, they cannot direct water from your roofing to where it needs to go. The water that wicks off the top of leaves and other debris in the gutters will inevitably end up right along the edge of your home. This will once again put pressure on your home’s foundation that doesn’t need to be there. A simple gutter cleaning will do the trick.

The Cost Of Foundation Repair

Just to put matters into perspective, consider the fact that most foundation repairs start off around $10,000 for bare-minimum work. Specialists have to go in and put vertical beams underneath your home to level it out, correct foundation cracks, and provide structural support below the surface. You may not be able to avoid this costly mess entirely, but you can do your part to prevent it. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are doing their jobs, and you should not have to worry about water pressure damaging your foundation.