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Don’t Fall Prey to Door-to-Door Roofers

Don’t Fall Prey to Door-to-Door Roofers

After a major wind or hailstorm, door-to-door roofers come out in droves. They target the communities that were most impacted by the storms, and they use high-pressure sales strategies to generate business. This guide will help you decipher the trustworthy roofers from the predatory ones.

The Importance of Working with a LOCAL Roofing Company

Many of the door-to-door roofers that you’ll see after a storm aren’t from around here. They monitor the weather and plan trips around damaged areas. The theory is that they can get a ton of contracts locked down in a short amount of time, and the pay is practically guaranteed because of insurance.

The problem with working with a non-local roofing company is that you don’t know when the work is going to be completed. If something goes wrong after they’ve finished the job, you may have a hard time getting that issue resolved. A local roofer can swing by to assess your roof and make necessary repairs, but a distant roofer is going to consider your needs as low-priority. They already have their money; that’s all that matters to them.

Weather delays are common for roofing projects, and they’re easy for local roofers to navigate around. Roofing companies that are traveling for projects may have to completely rearrange their schedule because of weather conflicts. If you want the work done quickly and have complete peace of mind along the way, choose a local roofer.

Strategies Door-to-Door Roofers Use to Earn Business

Unfortunately, door-to-door roofers have a reputation for falsifying inspection reports. They are motivated to find problems that justify a total roof replacement. Minor damage becomes a major issue when you have work quotas to fulfill. You may feel pressured into replacing your roof before it actually needs replacing.

Long-distance roofers aren’t familiar with the materials that work well in your area. They don’t know which roofing materials do best for the climate and home styles in your community. They may try to sell you on the most expensive materials they sell, which your insurance is not likely to pay for. You may find yourself out of pocket for more money than you allotted.

Above all else, door-to-door roofers are known for making false promises. They’ll quote a low price or fast timeline that they simply cannot deliver when the time comes. You may see tons of added expenses at the end of the project because of “unexpected issues” they discovered along the way. Choose a reliable local roofer that can give you a proper quote from the start.

How to Choose the Right Roofers for Your Home

If you’re worried about roof storm damage, get an inspection from a local roofing company. Make sure they are licensed, insured, and experienced enough to get the job done right. The sooner you contact them to get on the schedule, the sooner you can figure out if you need a new roof.

McLean Roofing and Siding has proudly served Southeast Michigan for more than 50 years. We will never exaggerate damage for the sake of making a sale. If your roof is in good shape, we want you to keep it! Moreover, we want you to feel confident about every step of the journey.

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