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Using Curtains to Show off New Windows

Use Window Curtains To Highlight New Replacement Windows

You may notice the difference new replacement windows makes in your home, but other people probably won’t unless you tell them. That doesn’t mean that you have to hide the amazing transformation your house has gone through. With the right curtains on your windows, you can draw attention to the best new feature on your home. Here are some tips for using curtains to show off new windows.

Let In The Light

If your old windows were dingy and dull, chances are the new ones let in a lot more light. You can take advantage of this by using sheer curtains instead of room darkening ones. By simply putting lighter curtains on your windows, you will let a lot of light into your house. People who visit during the day will notice this, and their eyes will instantly be drawn to your new windows.

Add A Pop Of Color

If you want to make the windows a focal point in your room, use curtains that have a pop of color. This works particularly well in rooms with mostly neutral tones. If your furniture is mostly shades of brown, you might add a bright blue accent in select parts of the room. The curtains, a piece of art, and a few throw pillows in that color may be all you need to get people looking where you want them to look.

Frame The Window – Don’t Cover It

Most people use their curtains to cover their windows and block out the light. You want to find a way to frame the window instead so that other people see how amazing it is. Use long curtain panels on both sides of the window, and get a short tier to go above the whole window. This will create a box around the window that people are sure to take notice of.

Use Unique Drawbacks And Curtain Rods

Tie everything together with your drawbacks and curtain rods. You could pick something sleek and modern or extremely ornate, depending on the look you’re going for. Curtain rods are not always as noticeable as drawbacks because they tend to sit above a person’s eye level. Keep that in mind when you choose your designs. When you bring the right elements together to accentuate your windows, people will have no choice but to notice them.

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