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The Costly Impact Of Cluttered Gutters

Dirty Gutters Can Lead To Roof Damage And More

Most people only clean their gutters because they are tired of seeing trees growing from their roofs. While this is certainly a reason to pull out the debris, there are other motivations you may want to keep in mind. Not cleaning your gutters can lead to a variety of damages you might not even notice until it’s too late. Perhaps it’s time for a reality check.

Here is a look at the costly impact of cluttered gutters.

Cracked Foundation

Your home’s foundation is strong, but it can weaken if it is exposed to excessive water over long periods of time. If your gutters are cluttered, they might not be able to direct rain water away from your foundation. The water will simply roll off the top of the debris and land where it doesn’t belong. This will change the soil surrounding your foundation and eventually force t to shift and crack. Then you have to pay for foundation repairs on top of gutter cleaning.

Rotted Trim

The trim on your home shouldn’t be exposed to water much if your gutters are working properly. If they are cluttered though, your trim may end up soaking in the water that wicks away from your gutters. The debris in them acts like a lid, forcing the water to travel to yet another place it does not belong. Do you feel like replacing your trim any time soon? We didn’t think so.

Animal Invasions

The junk in your gutters can form in piles, leaving valley-like areas for water to puddle up. This water can become a breeding area for mosquitoes and other insects, or it can become a drinking fountain for other animals in your area. If you don’t want your roof to become a zoo for pests, you better get your gutters cleaned. Once the animals come in, you’ll be hard pressed to get them to leave.

Broken Gutters

Of course, not cleaning your guttering may soon force you to replace it entirely. The weight of the debris and the water it absorbs will eventually cause parts of the guttering to sink and warp. There is no easy way to repair this. You have to replace it. If your gutters are already damaged from a lack of maintenance, you might want to replace them anyway so the problem does not get worse. Then you can focus on good maintenance for the future.