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When Is The Best Time To Install A Roof In Michigan?

You can get a new roof installed at any time of the year, but some times work out better than others. We will discuss all of this with you during your free roofing consultation, but we thought we’d provide a guide for some of the best times for roof installation in Michigan. This should help you plan for getting your roof repaired or replaced.

During The Off Season

The peak season for roof installations is in the late summer and early fall. That is when most Michigan roofing companies are completely booked with repairs and installs. You may have to wait several weeks for your roof to get installed if you schedule your replacement at that time. In order to ensure fast service, you may want to shoot for the spring or early summer instead.

Not During The Winter

While it is possible to install a roof in the winter, conditions are not ideal. Many roofing materials need to reach a certain temperature to cure, and Michigan’s blisteringly cold summers don’t provide that environment. If you need a new roof or a roof repair in the winter, we will need to watch the weather to decide when the best time will be for that installation. Once again, you might need to wait a little while for Mother Nature to cooperate.

After Hail Damage

A hail storm can wreak havoc on your roofing, depending on how old it is and if it is already in need of repair. It’s always a good idea to get your roof inspected after a hail storm to see if any damage has been done. You should also do that after a strong wind storm if the roof looks like it may have suffered. This may create a mini peak-season in your area, so keep that in mind when you try to schedule an appointment. We work as quickly as possible to take care of all Michigan residents and business owners.

When You Notice A Leak

Roof leaks should not be left unattended. They only get worse over time. If you notice a leak or water damage, contact a Michigan roofing company like McLean Roofing And Siding to get an inspection. We will let you know exactly what you need to repair or replace your roof, and we will schedule a time to fix it that is convenient for you.