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5 Ways To Prevent Ice Damage On Your Roof

Ice damage is a fairly common occurrence in Michigan, to the point that most homeowners just expect it to happen at some point in time. If you are worried about ice damage on your roof, there are some things you can do to prevent the ice building and reduce the likelihood of extensive damage. The …

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How To Get Snow Off Your Roof

In order to protect your roof in the winter, you need to make sure to remove the snow that starts to pile up on it. This snow creates a lot of weight and moisture on the top of the roof that can eventually lead to a collapse. Snow covered roofs may also result in mini-avalanches, …

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How To Protect Your Gutters From Fall Leaves

Fall is here and ready to flood your yard, roof, and gutters with beautifully colored leaves. No matter how pretty they are to look at though, leaves are a total pain to clean out of guttering systems. While it is important to clean your gutters before and after autumn, there are some things you can …

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Snow Removal And Ice Dams From Roofs

Snow Removal Ice Dams For Roof Safety

Hey Folks, The end of February is finally coming to a close and the snow is still on your roofs. Please take heed from our years of roofing experience and get the snow OFF your roof BEFORE it has a chance to melt. As mentioned at the top of our home page, ice dams can …

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Is The Roof Too Dangerous To Handle?

Safe Roofing Tips And Equipment

When you know for sure that a roof is too dangerous to handle, talk to a contractor and hire one. You’ll want them to understand the exact situation before they take a look themselves, and you’ll definitely want to have experienced professionals up fixing your roof rather than print off a page you found on …

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