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How To Prevent Roof Icicles From Forming

Roof icicles are some of the most unsuspecting home hazards in the winter time. What may look like a beautiful cascade of frozen water off your roof top is actually a dangerous and potentially fatal set of sharp, dense ice shards. In order to protect yourself and your guests from icicle accidents in the future, […]

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Ice Dams: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Some of the most dangerous and underestimated winter safety issues in America are ice dams. These are essentially large pools of ice that build up on a roofline and eventually come crashing to the ground. Ice dams are destructive, dangerous, and quite costly to repair, but there are some things you can do to avoid […]

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Snow Removal And Ice Dams From Roofs

Hey Folks, The end of February is finally coming to a close and the snow is still on your roofs. Please take heed from our years of roofing experience and get the snow OFF your roof BEFORE it has a chance to melt. As mentioned at the top of our home page, ice dams can […]

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