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Can Vinyl Siding Stand Up To Michigan Rain Storms?

Most of the big cities in southeast Michigan see at least 130 days of rain annually. That means for 1/3 of the year, your home or business has to withstand heavy abuse from precipitation. If you’re getting new siding for your building, you need to make sure it can handle the wear and tear Mother […]

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Selecting The Perfect Roofing Shingles For Your Home

Many Troy, MI homeowners are surprised when they find out how expansive their selection for roofing shingles is. With a wide range of shingles and other roofing materials to choose from, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Here at McLean Roofing And Siding, we are committed to helping every homeowner find the perfect roof shingles to […]

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What To Do After A Hail Storm In Michigan

Michigan sees an average of 75 hail storms a year, putting it right around the national average. Some parts of the state have a higher chance of hail than others, which means that your home could be at risk of hail damage. The guide below will help you prepare for this situation so you know […]

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Exterior Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to stop at your doorway. Many homeowners forget that the exterior of their houses need just as much care as the interior. You can boost your curb appeal and add years to the exterior features of your home by cleaning the right elements at the right time. Here are some outdoor […]

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Common Storm Damage Repairs In Michigan

Storm damage is hard to avoid, no matter where you live in the United States. California has earthquakes, Texas has tornadoes, Louisiana has hurricanes, and so on. Here in Michigan, we encounter a wide range of storms throughout the year, especially during the spring and winter months. Let’s take a look at some common storm […]

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Spring Energy Saving Tips For Troy MI

Want to avoid high energy bills in the spring and summer? By investing in the right home repairs early on, you may be able to bypass the big bills and enjoy a season of cozy temperatures in your home. Weather patterns are different throughout the country, which will have an impact on your energy needs. […]

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How Guttering Protects Your Foundation

When most people think about getting new gutters, they choose to do so for aesthetic reasons. The gutters they have are hanging too low and they want new ones to clean up their home’s exterior. While that is a key benefit to seamless gutters and downspouts, the fact is that good guttering can actually help […]

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5 Times You NEED A Roof Inspection In Michigan

You can get a roof inspection at any point in your homeownership, but some situations make this a requirement. Choosing not to do so at these times could cost you thousands of dollars down the line. Before you spend more money than you have to on home repairs, check out these 5 times when you […]

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Is New Siding Worth the Investment?

There are many renovation options to consider throughout the duration of your home ownership. While you may be focused on getting new flooring or new kitchen cabinets, your money may be better spent on new siding. The siding of a home creates the overall curb appeal for it, and it also protects the exterior of […]

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How To Maintain Your Residential Siding

Your residential siding is one of the first things that people see when they take a look at your house. In many ways, it defines your curb appeal. That is why it is important to keep it looking sharp at all times. Most forms of siding require little maintenance, but there are some steps you […]

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